Meet the Australian Fitness and Social Media Queen- Kayla Itsines

She was named as one of the most influential people on the Internet out of 30 by time magazine. Her fitness app has become the second highest grossing in the fitness and training section of the App store. She has over 9.8 million likes on an average for her Facebook posts, 5.8 million followers on Instagram, 138,000 followers on Twitter. Her follows include celebrities like the super model of the Victoria’s Secret fashion and Stepahnie Rice, the Olympic gold medalist. Who is this Internet sensation?

The answer to your question is Kayla Itsines. And whether you believe it or not, Kayla unintentionally started her journey. It was through an accident that she started gaining followers. Curious enough, aren’t you? Well just read further below because Kayla’s story only keeps on becoming only more and more interesting.

Kayla Itsines and Her World
Who is Kayla? Where is Kayla Itsines from? How old is she? Kayla is a 25 year old Australian fitness trainer, role model and inspiration to millions of women.

Kayla wanted to upload her pictures on Instagram privately as a means to store them. As unaware of the social media workings as she was, Kayla’s pictures could be viewed by many and it soon added to her followers. Later on as she became aware of it, Kayla created her fitness cult out of it.

Formerly she worked for a personal woman’s only training center after graduating from Australian Academy of Fitness with a degree in personal training.

Kayla’s Further Steps
Kayla Itsines left her personal training center soon and built her own company with her partner, Tobi. She created the powerful and awesome workout program called BBG which also become popular and gained a lot of craze. Through her intense research, Kayla had created the perfect fitness program. And it was named as BBG or the Bikini Body Guide.

The Bikini Body guide includes,
• Effective Results- Clients have found Kayla’s BBG program giving them
results within just 12 weeks of workout with just 28 minutes every day.

• Pre Planned Meals- BBG includes mixed, well balanced and nutritional meals which will help you not just shop next weeks’ grocery but become stronger as well.

• Compact – BBG includes rigorous cardio techniques, aerobics, light exercises and workouts for women of all ages, shapes and circumstances.

Next, Kayla launched her “Sweat with Kayla” app at an incredibly low price. You can fin Tobi and Kayla moving all around the world conduction fitness and workout boot camps and much more. For more details visit: